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Simple Help Support Anywhere

Computer Problems? No Problem!

Is your computer slow, sluggish, or infected? Don’t panic. Our proven “Simple Help Support Anywhere” Service can fix most of your minor computer problems – often times within an hour or less as long as you are connected to the Internet.

When computer problems occur, a lot of time is wasted. Business owners and managers interrupt their work to try to solve problems on their own. When this does not work (and, in some cases, makes matters worse), they get more frustrated. When technical problems interfere with day-to-day business operations, this negatively affects the bottom-line. Fortunately, our “Simple Help Support Anywhere” service prevents or eliminates most of these aggravating inconveniences and expenses.

Bitech is fully qualified to provide rapid remote support for most of your computer issues. There is no need for you to haul your computer to an outside repair shop or wait to schedule an onsite technician. As a “Simple Help Support Anywhere” customer, we’ve got you covered.

“Simple Help Support Anywhere” is perfect for a business owner or manager who wants to prevent or eliminate most common computer problems. This is a remote solution that gives you on-demand support whenever you need it. The service is non-invasive and does not compromise your system security or privacy.

Instant Messaging Services for Businesses

Unlike ICQ and Yahoo Messenger, etc. only users that are assigned to your group can send messages between themselves. This saves wasted time with employees IMing friends and family causing lost working time. Our solution is designed and tailored for quick inner business communications.

Our Instant Messaging Services provides all the key Instant Messaging & Presence capabilities already enjoyed by many consumers to service providers as well as enterprises while addressing the critical issues of security, reliability, extensibility and scalability.

Available for Android, iOS/iPhone, Windows, Mac and Linux.


  • Ad FREE!!
  • Conferencing
  • Offline Messages
  • Send Files
    Instantly transfer photos and video clips to coworkers and or groups!
  • Send Group Messages
  • Emotions
  • Spell Checking
  • Option to retain, delete or not save chat history, aka archiving per client.


  • In instant messaging, the default mode is one-to-one, not one-to-many.
    It’s not about covering your butt or showing how much you know, but getting to the point. With email it’s all too easy to add yet another person to the conversation, and in the process drag down productivity while decreasing people’s willingness to share ideas.
  • Instant Messaging reduces chances of misunderstanding.
    One of the main problems of email back and forth is the potential for chugging off on the wrong track because you don’t get immediate feedback. Immediate, brief responses in instant messaging keep conversations on track and misunderstandings to a minimum.

Free communication tools such as Skype, AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo are used in many businesses. These are suitable for personal use, but are risky for the security of a company that uses them for every day business communication. With our system instant messages, file transfers, screens, etc. are encrypted and only the recipient users can decrypt and use or see them.

Using our system you can be sure that your messages, file transfers, and chat sessions are requested only by authorized users within your group. This is a good way to control your employees’ communications and keep them focused on business communications only. This will also keep them away from different kinds of Internet security threats and attacks.

Contracted Customer Services

Bitech's Contracted Customer Service plan combines many of the benefits with the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go service - all without sacrificing critical IT support. Contracted Customer Service packages start at $299 for 8 desktop workstation PC's and 1 server per month. The small recurring monthly fee guarantees that Bitech is monitoring your network and performing routine and scheduled preventative network maintenance, including desktop optimization and security updates. As needed, you'll have access to our support staff on an hourly basis.

Bitech designed Contracted Customer Service specifically for:

  • Businesses seeking more than just reactive hourly IT support, but not ready for dedicated internal full time employee to manage their IT services.
Contracted Customer Services
*Prices Monthly, Pre-Paid - Includes one server and up to 8 workstation PC's. Each additional server is $99/month and each additional workstation PC is $9/month.

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Workstation Monthly Maintenance (1)
Verification of Anti Virus Updates (3) checkmark
Verification of Spyware Prevention (3) checkmark
Temp File Deletion checkmark
Hard Drive(s) Size Monitoring checkmark
Security Patch Assessments & Updates (3) checkmark
Service Pack Assessments & Updates (3) checkmark
Core Hardware Health Monitoring checkmark
Server Monthly Maintenance (1)
Hard Drive(s) Size Monitoring checkmark
Event Log Monitoring checkmark
Security Patch Assessments & Updates (3) checkmark
Service Pack Assessments & Updates (3) checkmark
Core Hardware Health Monitoring checkmark
Quarterly Onsite Maintenance 
Anti Virus Updates (3) checkmark
Spyware Detection (3) checkmark
Security Patch Assessments & Updates (3) checkmark
Service Pack Assessments & Updates (3) checkmark
Workstation internal CPU cabinet cleaning (2) checkmark
Server internal CPU cabinet cleaning checkmark
Network Hubs/Switches cleaning checkmark
All monitors external cleaning checkmark
On Demand IT Service
Live Telephone Support Discounted Hourly (4)
Remote Desktop Support Discounted Hourly (4)
Network Support and Administration Discounted Hourly (4)
Strategic Planning and Guidance Discounted Hourly (4)
Hosted Solutions (email, backup, spam filtering) Discounted Hourly (4)
Onsite Support and Projects Discounted Hourly (4)
Custom Development Discounted Hourly (4)
Disaster Recovery Planning Discounted Hourly (4)
(1) Performed via a Remote Desktop connection from Bitech's office.
(2) Notebook computers not applicable.
(3) Customer responsible for cost of additional software if needed.
(4) For current hourly rates click HERE, Global Service (IT Services/Support).
* The above listed services does not include the replacement of products that maybe required to resolve certain support issues such as malfunctioning hardware, software, operating systems.

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