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Open: Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Time Zone

BiTech Computers is a local firm specializing in handling all of YOUR BUSINESS computer needs and has been providing innovative computer solutions since 1987 (27 years) here in Bradenton Florida.

We analyze your business needs to create a technology solution that fits the way your business operates that is cost-effective and intelligent.

We offer a wide variety of services such as Remote Backup, Networking, Web Design/Hosting, Computer Sales/Repair, Ecommerce and more, allowing BiTech to provide whatever IT your needs are.

Our Environment Includes:

  • Security cameras throughout
  • Round-the-clock systems management with onsite personnel
  • Redundant UPS systems on separate power busses
  • Backup generators with on-site fuel capacity for 160+ hours (6½ days)
  • Redundant HVAC systems to ensure that the data center remains cool
The result is a physical and technical environment delivering the reliability and flexibility necessary to support mission-critical Internet operations.
Computer Problems? No Problem!

Is your computer slow, sluggish, or infected? Don’t panic. Our proven “Simple Help Support Anywhere” Service can fix most of your minor computer problems – often times within an hour or less as long as you are connected to the Internet.

When computer problems occur, a lot of time is wasted. Business owners and managers interrupt their work to try to solve problems on their own. When this does not work (and, in some cases, makes matters worse), they get more frustrated. When technical problems interfere with day-to-day business operations, this negatively affects the bottom-line. Fortunately, our “Simple Help Support Anywhere” service prevents or eliminates most of these aggravating inconveniences and expenses.

Bitech is fully qualified to provide rapid remote support for most of your computer issues. There is no need for you to haul your computer to an outside repair shop or wait to schedule an onsite technician. As a “Simple Help Support Anywhere” customer, we’ve got you covered.

“Simple Help Support Anywhere” is perfect for a business owner or manager who wants to prevent or eliminate most common computer problems. This is a remote solution that gives you on-demand support whenever you need it. The service is non-invasive and does not compromise your system security or privacy.

STOP known Malicious Sites, FaceBook, MySpace, Porn and other threats!

Control Internet usage and application usage for all of your computers with Work Safe. Regardless if the computer is in or out of your network usage policies are always active including when users are traveling with company laptops.

Work Safe will result in a faster network (including internet) and more productive employees!

Why are you paying your employees to fool around on the internet ON YOUR DIME?

I wish I had a nickel for every time I had walked into a company and seen a third of the employees wasting company time on the Internet or playing a game they installed.

ON YOUR DIME on the web includes:
     Social Networking such as Face book, MySpace and Twitter.
     Gaming sites such as Pogo.
     Personal web mail such as Yahoo or Hotmail
     Audio and video such as YouTube or Pandora

Your company can also be protected from known Malicious Sites, we block them!

Why should you let us block malicious sites for you?
1. They are a threat to your network. Do you really want another Virus? Do you want users to complain about porno popping up unintentionally?

2. They are a threat to your company. May: 2013 a company without WorkSafe got a virus and had $25,000.00 wired from their bank account.

3. They are a threat to the community: You know all that spam you get? Much of it comes from virus-laden computer zombies using your internet connection to deliver spam world-wide.

Employee abuse of internet access is a major concern for most organizations. Organizations cannot deny free access to internet for its employees, as the net is now indispensable for just about any business. Many employees however take advantage of such facility to engage in unproductive activities, surf social networking sites or indulge in other personal activities, or even steal data. Such misuse may cause loss of productivity, compromise network security, increase bandwidth costs, and even risk lawsuits for inappropriate activities germinating from the company’s IP.

Bitech's Work Safe offers internet filtering will addresses much of these issues.

Click HERE for more information.

If you are interested, here are some domain names we have for sale:

  1. DataInf.com
  2. FloridaEMS.net

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